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Cheap Games Fiji was established with a goal to provide affordable games and tech products to the people of Fiji. Founded in 2016 during my high school days with my best friend, both gaming enthusiasts and with a mindset to inspire more gamers to get on board into the gaming world. We have created an e-commerce platform, meaning we don`t have a traditional brick and mortar (physical) store, enabling us to keep costs down, provide reasonable rates on our items and having a personal relationship with our clients. Cheap Games Fiji had humble beginnings in Nadera, Suva, selling games to our friends and Buy & Sell pages on Facebook. Over time we have created a social media page to create a brand name, Cheap Games Fiji (CGF), to gain recognition as a business. The years of growth has led to the creation of this e-commerce website platform to give our customers a new experience of e-commerce retail in the likes of Amazon and eBay. 


In the last 2 years, our business has been involved in various projects which are being funded from the revenue generated from CGF. These projects involve App development, drone delivery of medicines, mobile doctor services, eco-tourism promotion and many more. Our current project which is close to completion is Pasifika Heartbeat Project which intends to be Fiji`s first health app. The app will have information on NCD related disease, health tracking, emergency procedures and services, information on health clinics and disaster alter prep during cyclones which we are prone too. Pasifika Heartbeat is expected to be released by 2020 and we have high hopes for its success (


CGF will continuously try to innovate and motivate and also help other young entrepreneurs like us to start their e-commerce business, with consultation on marketing, designing, advertising and innovating all at zero cost. It is our hope that you find what you are looking for with us and continue to support Cheap Games Fiji so the money we generate is used to shape and fund Fiji`s innovative ideas.

                                 - Rakin Wahed